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Twilight Dislikers

For those who dislike Twilight

Non-fans of Twilight and the rest
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All Members , Moderated
For those who dislike/haven't read the series, or things that annoy you about it

Haven't read Twilight? Dislike it in general? Then this is the place for you!

Even if you like the series but find things about it annoying (such as Bella) feel free to post about that, too!

Community Rules:
xPlease don't join just to rant and rave about how Twilight is omg-amazing. You think it's great; we don't. I'll just delete your post and kick you out of the comm, so why even bother?

xPlease respect everyone and their opinions. We all have at least one thing in common; don't diss someone because you disagree on one thing.

xPlease keep everything to a PG level. Even though Breaking Dawn is like R rated.

x I know it's hard, but try not to randomly insult things for no reason. Call the plot corny. Call Edward and idiot. Call Bella a spazface.

xPlease place all large fanart, photos, writing, etc. under a LJ cut. Major spoilers as well. Though I'm not sure how much people would care...